Stay Warm and Cozy Any Time of Year

Make an appointment for furnace repair in Marion, IA

Around Town Heating & Cooling, LLC provides furnace repair services for Marion, Iowa-area homeowners. Our team works on traditional and high-efficiency heaters. We employ North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified contractors. You can trust us to take care of any heater-related issue.

We can also install UV germicidal lights and humidifiers. With these devices, you’ll better control humidity levels and reduce allergens in your home. Rely on contractors who have been resolving heating issues for 20+ years. Contact us ASAP to get a free estimate on your furnace repair work.

Keep your heater performing like new

Keep your heater performing like new

While you may not need your heater year-round, you should still schedule routine maintenance so that it’s in optimal condition when the chill sets in. We offer preventive heating services in Marion, Iowa and the surrounding cities. We’ll visit your home in the fall and again in the spring to examine and service your HVAC system.

When we perform preventive maintenance on your heater, we’ll:

  • Check your gas lines for CO2 leaks
  • Inspect your UV lights and humidifiers
  • Repair or replace parts as needed

You won’t have to worry about system failure or gas leaks as long as we’re around. Call 319-654-4290 now to make an appointment for seasonal heating services.